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Stamford Diversity Festival - at the Rec Monday 30th August 11am-6pm - music, food, arts and crafts from around the world - come and find my stall!

Fenchurch Street, London
© Karen Neale, watercolour artist London

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I hope this finds you well and calm in the continuing chops and changes, confirmations and cancellations.…. so before anything else changes, three of my works including the one above and below are in the Society of Graphic Fine Art (SGFA) Annual Open Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London 6th-11th July.

View from the Top of Tower Bridge, London
© Karen Neale, watercolour artist Stamford

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I was supposed to do a live sketching demonstration at the Mall Galleries, but this will now be via Facebook Live, 11.30 – 12.30 Tuesday 6th July, and I’ll be drawing ‘What’s on my table’! Please do join me with pen/pencil and paper!
My ‘drawing what is on your table’ zoom sessions also continue on Fridays through Mindspace.
My lovely shoes drawn on one of my 'through the Ether' sketching sessions
© Karen Neale, artist Stamford

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The zoom sessions for Stamford Arts Centre take a summer break and will resume in September. However I will be leading ‘in person’ outdoor sketching workshops, based at the Arts Centre, and also Mindspace, and The Place. See below under ‘Events’ and Contact me if you are interested. I’ve also do ‘one-off’ sessions for individual organisations, so Contact me if you’ve a group which might enjoy the calmness of drawing! All you need is that pencil and paper and the only rule is to ENJOY!

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And it is been great to finally see the publication of 'the ark' – full of ideas, inspiration and thoughts (and some nice illustrations by guess who) from within the local community. It was my original illustration for this publication that I then expanded into the ‘Spring into Stamford’ print.

I’ll have the print inspired by doing this cover, and my other works on occasional pop up stalls at the Broad Street Market on 16th July and 13th August, and also at the ESC Craft Bazaar 31st July - 3rd August.

The Ark- Spring/summer 2021!
© Karen Neale, watercolour artist London

Home, News & Events. A Fellow Traveller cover

If you’re like me and haven’t booked a holiday abroad or got the last campsite space on our ‘sunny’ shores at an annual salary fee, then virtually travel with me on my ’A Fellow Traveller Returns’ Talk for Stamford & Rutland Amnesty International Festival of Social Justice. If anyone would like to buy a signed copy of ‘A Fellow Traveller’ at £15, then £5 will go to Amnesty….. all for a good cause!

A Fellow Traveller - see more on my next web page!..... © Karen Neale, watercolour artist London

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Detail of Burgh Island © Karen Neale, watercolour artist London

Here's a little detail of Burgh Island (sadly no site visit) from a recent commission for someone's significant anniversary....… Contact me if you'd like to talk about a commission or illustration project, or want any more information about any of the above, or would like a book or a print opening little windows on your wall to that wonderful world out there…..

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View from Platform 1 of Blackfriars Station, London, June 2019
© Karen Neale, watercolour artist London

Do continue below for more information on my forthcoming events and about 'me and my work' and you can also see what I'm up to on Facebook.

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A wonderful commission from 2019 for Rules - the oldest restaurant in London, Rules Restaurant’s new menu above.
Menu Illustration for Rules Restaurant, London, July 2019
© Karen Neale, watercolour artist London

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EVENTS Summer 2021

• Friday 16th July and 13th August - find me on my pop-up stall on Broad Street Market Stamford

• Friday mornings 12noon - 1pm - Zoom sketching session - through Mindspace. Contact  [email protected]  to join the session. It is FREE! The sessions move to a Tuesday 11-12, when I am on the Friday market. Outdoor Sketching sessions Wednesday 14th July and Wednesday 11th August (10-12) They are FREE too and book your place Mindspace!

• Stamford Street Sketching Workshops - Contact me to join Monday morning sessions - based at the Arts Centre (9.30- 12) on 12th, 19th and 26th July. Cost is £15 per session - tea and biscuits included!

• Stamford Street Sketching Workshops or The Place (1.30-3.30) on Wednesday 28th July. Cost is £15 per session. Contact me to book a place or atThe Place for session there...

• ESC Craft Bazaar 31st July - 3rd August. At Rutland Garden Centre

Contact me to visit my studio

Statue detail in St George's Church above -
© Karen Neale, watercolour artist London

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View from the Top of Millbank Tower, London © Karen Neale, watercolour artist London
please click on the image below to see a larger picture

There's more about 'me and my work' below and on the other pages, and from other perspectives, here are a couple of press articles from Wanderlust Travel Magazine, Frost magazine and The Culture Trip - though there is a slight error in that I never have time to see Downtown Abbey or Doctor Who - just Danger Mouse with my little boy! There will be more press articles to follow soon......

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And for now, a shameless 'Look at me, look at me and The Queen!' But it is all in a very good cause. Her Majesty The Queen is the patron of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust(WCMT) and generously hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace on March 18th 2015 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston's living legacy - the Churchill Fellowships. Being awarded a Fellowship not only enabled me to undertake a journey of a lifetime, it also opened so many doors to wonderful opportunities in my subsequent work, such as commissioning me to produce a painting which we presented to the Queen in 2006. WCMT award Fellowships in enormously diverse subjects, so if you are a British Citizen and passionate about your subject keep this in mind - it could be for you!

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Karen Neale Art: 'Me and my Work'

That's me braving the winds racing across Waterloo Bridge. My passion is sketching and painting the world around me in my annotated sketchbook diaries. I stand ‘in situ’ and draw with an ordinary black biro as much as I can of what is going on around me in my book. Then, I add colour with my small field box of watercolours. The notes I make around the perimeter are observations I’ve made whilst I’ve been sketching. It is a great privilege and pleasure to simply spend time in a place and draw, and it is a wonderful way to get to know a place and its people.

San Gimignano,Italy
© Karen Neale, Watercolour Artist London

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Avignon, France,
© Karen Neale, Watercolour Artist London

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I’ve kept sketchbooks since leaving school, throughout my architectural studies at Newcastle and Sheffield Universities, subsequent move to London and eventual qualification as an architect in 1999. My sketchbooks have taken me on some wonderful adventures. In 2001 I was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to undertake an artist’s journey inspired by World Heritage Cities and Sites, from France travelling eastwards through eight countries to Nepal, recording it all in the pages of my sketchbook diary. Subsequently I spent time in Cuba, culminating in a solo exhibition of my work at the British Ambassador’s residence in Havana.

Havana,Cuba © Karen Neale, World heritage artist London
please click on the image below to see a larger picture

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Closer to home I continued the World Heritage theme with a community project along Hadrian’s Wall. Then in London, I was privileged to sketch in and around the Palace of Westminster and was artist in residence at the Athenaeum Club in 2004. Rather auspiciously I was appointed ‘MCC Young Cricket Artist for 2005’, based at Lord’s Cricket Ground, and subsequently artist in residence at The Queen’s Club for the 2007 tennis season.

Cley-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, © Karen Neale, watercolour artist London
please click on the image below to see a larger picture

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I’ve had some fabulous commissions. In 2006 The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust commissioned me to produce a painting to present to Her Majesty the Queen. I’ve also worked with Bob Wilson’s charity, The Willow Foundation, sketching in and around Arsenal’s football stadiums.

The Old Highbury Ground, Arsenal, London © Karen Neale, watercolour artist London
please click on the image below to see a larger picture

Home, News & Events. Arsenal 500

In October 2006 my first London sketchbook diary was published by Methuen, entitled ‘London in Landscape’ with Winston Churchill’s daughter, Lady Soames generously writing the foreword. In 2009 ‘London in Landscape Volume II’ was launched with an exhibition of my paintings in the Barbican Centre, London. Both books are available through Methuen, Amazon, and me. Since 2010 I have resided in Stamford in Lovely Lincolnshire. In 2011, Stamford Georgian Festival, Stamford’s local bookshop published my Stamford sketchbook. And now in 2015 A Fellow Traveller!

Broad Street Market from Browne's Hospital on Market Day, Stamford © Karen Neale, watercolour artist London
please click on the image below to see a larger picture

Home, News & Events. Broad Street

Home, News & Events. May 14: Karen drawing in Stamford

These books have been a real labour of love for me as I’ve been out in all weathers, on tops of buildings, along the streets, in various wonderful institutions, sports grounds, churches and cathedrals, markets, museums and so on. It is an utterly uplifting experience to be able to just sit and draw in a place and become a part of that place for a few hours. If you would like to contact me for further information, please click here to e-mail or call me on
07710 406967

I hope you enjoy looking around the website!
Karen Neale Art
Watercolour Artist London and Stamford.
World Heritage Artist, London

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